My name is Hattie. I make nerd-a-licious cakes with a hint of geekery. Not for profit though; I make them with love, for PEOPLE I love.

Vince’s Companion Cube (and bear!) - 2013.

Another somewhat stressful endeavor… Birthday boy kept changing his mind as to what theme his 23rd birthday party was going to be and was insistent on receiving some kind of Portal themed cake despite the fact his fancy dress code was ‘growly animals’. I ultimately decided (on the day of the party…) that I would still go ahead and make him a companion cube, after coming across circular cake boards in ASDA. Umm, hello? OBVIOUSLY THEY WERE MEANT TO BE PORTALS. But what to do about his overall safari-esque theme? Well, he decided to dress up in a grizzly bear onesie (with heart shaped tail… Yes, really).

Anyway, so, when I chanced upon a tiny teddy with a heart on it’s belly I thought it was too good to be true… Teddy would be cut in half and travelling through the portals! Muahaha.

The cake was sticky Jamaican ginger flavoured, covered in spiced cream cheese frosting and white fondant which I sprayed silver. The fussiest part of the cake was angling the cube through the portals correctly, so it looked like it was tumbling through one to the other seamlessly. I don’t know why I didn’t just have it falling down straight, like in the Google image above, because it would have made my life SO much easier… I thought it would look too static though. The other time-consuming part was cutting out pieces of black fondant to the right size and assembling them. Other than that… I had a lot of fun making this cake!

The coloured sanding sugar on the fondant portal rings was probably my favourite touch… Apart from severing the bear in half, of course! :P

Bonus photos: A lion and a unicorn carrying the companion cube cake through to the birthday bear boy. It was an awesome party.

Andy’s Serenity (Spaceship from Firefly) - 2013.

A joint effort between me and a friend for this one… She made the cake (vanilla sponge), I decorated. It was a combination of a circular cake and a loaf which was used to create the body of the ship and the various extremities. The whole thing was edible, apart from the wing engines (polystyrene), the rear engine fins (cardboard) and the cockpit area (cardboard). If we had had more time, ideally everything would have been edible (through the use of sugarpaste, etc).

This cake, from the very start to finish, took four hours. Sounds like a long time, but REALLY NO. This was probably the most stressful cake I’ve ever attempted!!

The cake was covered with standard white fondant and sprayed with copious amounts of silver luster dust (with a little gold too, for shadows/detailing). Silver dragees in various sizes were used for bolts/rivets (like the steampunk teapot) and the windows. Gold dragees were used on the rear engine to emulate lights/windows.

My favourite detail is the use of battery-powered star shaped fairy lights around the cake (because it’s in space, duh!). Good old Poundland. Thank you for your questionably cheap tat and treats, I salute you.

Rachel’s Dragonfly - 2012.

Lucky Rachel, two cakes in a year! Well, the first one didn’t technically count seeing as it was a batch of Rice Krispie cakes masquerading as sushi :P

I decided to make her a ‘real’ cake last year and plumped for a dragonfly in honour of Dragonfly Festival, a beautiful and ambient place we travel to  in Sweden every year as a group of friends. The festival always falls on/around her birthday (late August) and this cake served in part as an homage to our special pilgrimage as sadly, it was cancelled in 2012 (rumour has it that it’s back on this year though, so woo!).

The cake inside was marbled chocolate/vanilla sponge made up of two loaves. They were covered with vanilla buttercream and marbled blue/purple fondant (which by the way, is a massive ball-ache to do… You have to be very careful not to actually MIX the colours together!).

Gold dragees were stuck to large ovals of white fondant to create the multiple lensed eyes which insects have. They were so shiny! Sadly, I only had my iPhone to hand here, hence the shoddy Instagrammy quality of photos ;)

My favourite detail on this cake was the use of coloured rice paper cut into wing shapes and stuck onto wooden lollipop sticks. They actually flapped gently in the breeze! I used glittery writing icing pens to create the veins on the wings and I’m slightly surprised they didn’t collapse under the weight… Hooray!

Stan’s Kookaburra Cricket Bat - 2012.

This was a nice and simple cake to make; two chocolate loaves held together with chocolate fudge buttercream.

To achieve the wood grain aesthetic, I first lightly sprayed the white fondant covering with gold luster dust. Then I scored along the bat with a fork to create grooves, before using a pastry brush and cocoa powder to accentuate the finish.

As I was using Stan’s actual Kookaburra Rogue to model the cake from, I also added three reddish dents to represent the spots on his much-loved bat from where he had been slogging the ball ;)

My favourite detail on this cake was the use of a stick of rock as the handle! That was a particularly inspired idea from my mum. Cheers, ma!

Hazel’s Steampunk Teapot - 2011.

This was the first 3D cake I properly attempted!

It was half vanilla sponge/half chocolate sponge, covered in vanilla buttercream and chocolate fondant.

I used gold luster dust spray over the dark, bumpy fondant to achieve the beaten metal aesthetic. The bolts and rivets are gold dragees and the spout and handle are made from sugarpaste (I wasn’t impressed with the handle then and I’m even less impressed with it now! Ah well, you live and learn, right?). My favourite detail on this cake has to be the multicoloured candyfloss I used for the steam! I think it adds a whimsical Alice In Wonderland/Studio Ghibli feel to it.

Emilie’s Jack & The Beanstalk Cake

Was tempted to reblog from my personal blog, but figured I owed it to you, my lovely followers, to write a PROPER entry. Especially since I haven’t written one in a couple of months… Oops. Life has been pretty insane though but I won’t bore you as to why; Just rest assured that there will plenty of cake porn to ogle over in the next few months :) Hooray for lots of birthdays!


My friend Emilie was in the pantomime of Jack & The Beanstalk recently and she played the part of Princess Rose. Don’t think I need to carry on in this particular vein, I’m sure it’s fairly obvious to you all now, as to why I chose to make this cake :P ENOUGH TALKING. MOAR PICTURES.

NB: I don’t have access to Photoshop at the moment (my motherboard melted… Hooray! >.>) so these are all raw images. Please don’t judge me too harshly!

And lastly, surprised birthday girl is surprised:

For anyone that’s interested, the whole thing was edible. Minus of course, the blue ribbon around the edge. Sugar paste and luster dust, ftw!

The cake itself was Em’s favourite; Lemon drizzle. Complete with lovely, tangy, crunchy topping. Nom. Then covered in vanilla buttercream and fondant, obviously :P

Tom’s Headcrab Cake


Oh wait, it’s not Lamarr. For one thing, this little guy still has his teeth and claws all intact. For another thing, he’s made of decadent chocolate cake. 

Last year, for my birthday, my amazing friend Tom made me an awesome birthday cake. It was a 3D, sitting-up, glittery panda (I should point out, I have a SLIGHT penchant for panda bears… Ahem). He put SO much care and effort into that cake, which was stupidly tasty as well as fabulous looking, so I figured that he really deserved a carefully crafted birthday cake of something he loves.

He’s a massive Half-Life fan and has his own pet headcrab plush that guards his PC :P Luckily I love Valve games too and, asides from a Portal turret cake (Please someone ask for one!), making a headcrab out of cake seemed like an exciting challenge- especially when some moron spawned in what I thought was a private server on Garry’s Mod and shot all of the posed headcrab models I was working from. Good idea right? Still, ARGH. 

He was happy. Shame I photobombed his gleeful moment with my stupid arm/face!

NB: This headcrab was ‘leaping’ out of the cake board, hence why there’s only half of him on show :P He was made from VERY chocolatey, cocoa-heavy cake and vanilla frosting/icing. He was covered in a light yellow fondant and handpainted with cocoa dust, gold luster dust and red colouring paste. His teeth and claws are made from gumpaste and his mouth/belly is chocolate fondant lightly coated in black luster dust :)

Rachel’s Candy Sushi ‘Cake’

My purdy friend Rachel is (or rather, was…) studying Japanese at university and spent a month in Japan as part of her course in July. As it was her birthday in August, what could be more fitting and awesome-looking than a big ol’ stack of sweet sushi? 

I won’t go through the ‘Making Of’ process in too much detail here (unless I’m requested to at a later date) because I don’t want to bore the pants off of anyone with lots of long posts and besides, I have many photos of this ‘cake’ to share with you instead!

What I will do for all you English Japan-fans who, like me, could only find American recipes for making this, is write a short list below of the ingredients used for each component :)

Ingredients used for candy sushi and where to find them:

Obviously marshmallows and ricey poppy cereal are pretty standard worldwide so I don’t need to credit them :P On with the photos!

Last but not least, the birthday girl enjoying her sushi ‘cake’!

Domo arigato! ^_^”

Lucy’s Cookie Monster Cupcakes

So, this is my first post! This blog has been in the pipeline for a while now… Mainly because I feel a bit silly constantly posting photos of my cakes on my personal Tumblr :P But also because I think it’s nice to have a proper archive of my creations ^^

H’okay… First up are the cupcakes (FINE! Muffins. They are muffins. I just thought ‘cupcakes’ would sound cuter, ok?) which I made for my lovely friend Lucy’s birthday back in June. As with all the cakey things I make, they were a surprise. Well, I think all my friends have come to expect some kind of Hattie-birthday-cake now, but the finished designs are always kept hidden :) Lucy has never really voiced a particular love of Sesame Street, OR Cookie Monster… But come on, who doesn’t love either of those things? 

These are ridiculously easy to make. YOU don’t even have to bake the cake parts.

To serve 8:

  • 8 muffins, homemade or bought. Any flavour!
  • Batch of chocolate chip cookies, homemade or bought (Better to use more than 8… They break pretty easily and OH NOES you might have to eat them to make space on the work surface). Any flavour!
  • Pack of giant white chocolate buttons.
  • Dark chocolate chips.
  • Royal icing.
  • Small bag of dessicated coconut (a little goes a long way!).

How to make:

Pour a LOT of blue food colouring into a bowl with the desiccated coconut. Mix it up until it turns a really vivid shade of blue. Set the bowl of coconut to one side.

Mix a little blue food colouring in with some royal icing; You want a gluey/runny consistency. Cover all of the muffin tops with the blue icing and before they set, dunk them top-first into the bowl of coconut, one at a time. Roll them around until all you can see are the beginnings of a lovely, fuzzy monster head :3

Cut a slit just under halfway, so near where the paper casing starts. This is going to be Cookie’s mouth. Be careful not to cut TOO wide or TOO deeply otherwise you’ll end up with something that looks like it belongs in the Saw series. Hold his mouth open and grab a cookie- you may need to cut a little bit off so it fits- and place it in the gaping hole :P The cookie should stay firmly in place.

Next, take two giant white chocolate buttons (giant Milkybar buttons are awesome for this) and place two spots of leftover icing near the edges. Carefully place a dark chocolate chip on the icing (try not to smoosh the icing out from under the chips too much or he’ll end up with weird, blue-ish eyes). Place the buttons on top of the cakes with the ‘pupils’ on his ‘eyes’ facing funky directions in order to get Cookie’s trademark googly eye effect. 

And that’s it! :D Altogether now… OMMMM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!

NB: Sorry for less-than-great photos… This was before I had my beloved 550D. Also, I was in a rush to get to the party and taking pictures was kind of an afterthought :P