My name is Hattie. I make nerd-a-licious cakes with a hint of geekery. Not for profit though; I make them with love, for PEOPLE I love.

Tom’s Headcrab Cake


Oh wait, it’s not Lamarr. For one thing, this little guy still has his teeth and claws all intact. For another thing, he’s made of decadent chocolate cake. 

Last year, for my birthday, my amazing friend Tom made me an awesome birthday cake. It was a 3D, sitting-up, glittery panda (I should point out, I have a SLIGHT penchant for panda bears… Ahem). He put SO much care and effort into that cake, which was stupidly tasty as well as fabulous looking, so I figured that he really deserved a carefully crafted birthday cake of something he loves.

He’s a massive Half-Life fan and has his own pet headcrab plush that guards his PC :P Luckily I love Valve games too and, asides from a Portal turret cake (Please someone ask for one!), making a headcrab out of cake seemed like an exciting challenge- especially when some moron spawned in what I thought was a private server on Garry’s Mod and shot all of the posed headcrab models I was working from. Good idea right? Still, ARGH. 

He was happy. Shame I photobombed his gleeful moment with my stupid arm/face!

NB: This headcrab was ‘leaping’ out of the cake board, hence why there’s only half of him on show :P He was made from VERY chocolatey, cocoa-heavy cake and vanilla frosting/icing. He was covered in a light yellow fondant and handpainted with cocoa dust, gold luster dust and red colouring paste. His teeth and claws are made from gumpaste and his mouth/belly is chocolate fondant lightly coated in black luster dust :)